Classroom Blogs

A classroom blog is a blog that is created by the teacher and maintained by the teacher and the students.  As a middle school teacher I imagined this would be easier for an elementary school teacher to do because you only have one group of students, but they probably would not be able to help add posts to the blog.  Classroom blogs can be a great way to show parents what students are doing in the classroom, give updates on assignments or fieldtrips and keep parents posted on what everyone is learning.  It also gives students a place to display their work and find resources if they need help.  If I was to start a classroom blog I would want my students to help me create posts.  I teach in middle school and I would want them to have some ownership of the cite.  I would encourage other teachers to blog by leading by example and offering to help them set up their own website.  I think having teachers find an educator’s blog they enjoy and sharing some of what they have learned would be a valuable professional development opportunity.  These are three classroom blogs I found to be interesting.

There were many blogs to choose from when it came to elementary school, but not many in first grade.  When I came across this blog I knew I had found something special, just as the name implies, 20 Something kids and 1 Kooky teacher.  When I read the first post I thought the blog had expired, Blogging in 1st grade? Yes, please!  But then I read on and realized that it might be January but they are just getting to blogging.  What followed were delightful pictures of first grade handwritten blogs.  You could see that they were not all at the same place when it came to neat handwriting, but I am sure every parent found delight in their child’s effort.  A few of the blogs I found for elementary school were just each weeks homework and others were maintained by the teacher it was not really a classroom blog.  This blog had the best of both worlds, student work and lots of good teacher information.  The 20 something kids and 1 Kooky teacher can be found at:

Finding a middle school blog became a challenge.  I teach middle school and I have five classes that each average about thirty students.  I imagine creating a blog for my 150 students would be very challenging. I did manage to find a good blog with a great name, Huzzah!  What first caught my eye was that famous internet baby  meme holding up his fist.  Then I scrolled down and watched a silly public service announcement for the zombie apocalypse, with an actual lesson attached to the video!  Huzzah! is a group of 6 and 7th grade students in Western Canada.  One post that I particularly liked was called, What is Home? Each student in the class was able to answer this question and add it to the blog. This lesson was done after a read aloud where one of the characters shares what home  is.   Although this may seem a simple activity, the product was amazing.   Students shared their personal thoughts of home  for the world to see.  The results are moving and thought provoking.  You can find Huzzah! at:

Lastly, I searched for the ever allusive high school blog.  To be honest I found none.  Well, none in the traditional sense where you have one teacher and a group of students.  What I did find was a high school blog that was run by students and teachers, but I would consider it more of a school blog than a class blog.  The Cougar News Blog has won several classroom blogs awards over the years.  The posts range from who won this weeks game, news that book groups encourage reading, to more serious topics such as depression. The Editorial: Depression more than being sad, requires treatment.  This post was an opinion piece but it offered helpful information about what to do if think your are depressed and how you can help a friend who might be depressed.  The Cougar News Blog also had movie and book reviews and photos of the week.  I know when I was in  high school we had a newspaper, maybe a blog is a better fit for todays high school students.  You can find the Cougar New Blog at:


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