Librarian’s Blogs

The purpose of a librarian’s blog is to support teachers and share ideas, lessons, and new technology with fellow media specialists.  Librarian blogs can range from book reviews to ideas on how to teach students about digital citizenship.  When I become a librarian I know that I will want to share this wealth of knowledge with the teachers I work with.  I imagine that I will create a list of blogs that I found to be the most helpful to teachers and create my own blog that supports the students and teachers I work with.  I think it won’t be long before teacher blogs and class webpages will become the norm for some school districts.    The internet has no shortages of blogs, so narrowing down my list of my favorite librarian bloggers was no easy task.  Below are three of my favorites.

Gwyneth A. Jones is the Daring Librarian.  As the name implies she is definitely daring, do you remember what Cyndi Loper looked like in the 80’s, that is who she reminded me of.  Her blog has won numerous awards, she has served on the Board of Directors for the ISTE, has been published in numerous places, and has won the Best of the Best by Teacher Librarian Magazine.  Gwyneth’s blog is packed with resources and information that librarians, teachers, and even students can use.  One of the most moving articles was on Martin Luther King and service,  Gwyneth hits this one out of the park by sharing how our choices and actions make us who we are and that we should be a positive force in our community.  Most teachers came to this profession with good intentions but sometimes we lose our way.  Her article reminds us to model the ideals we want our students to have.  Gwyneth includes lesson ideas, answers question, and gives lots of technology advice, but one of my favorite things about her blog is there is a little crazy here and there.  I could not stop myself from clicking on the key word “mini moo.”  I found out that a mini moo is a business card and Gwyneth highly recommends having your own business card.  Now you may think that sounds like a boring blog, but trust me, I was happy I found it. Inside this blog Gwyneth explains how to make your own brand, your own avatar or cartoon character.  I think learning these skills are how you stay connected to students.  I think my favorite part of her blog is all the creative ideas that can found there.  Gwyneth’s blog can be found at:

Bulldogs and Bobcats may sound like two sport teams but it is the name of Julie Hembree’s award winning librarian blog.  Julie’s website is about “bridging books, lessons, and technology.”  The website includes library lessons, websites, author visits, makerspace ideas, and how Julie is using her library to make a difference in the world.  Currently her school is collecting change to pay for books to send to children in need in Africa.  One of my favorite blog posts was about using Skype, called Travel the World and Never Leave Home.  This is an amazing lessons called a Skype-a-thon that records the number of miles between people who Skype.  Julie had some fun activities for the students such as mystery caller where you try to figure out where people are calling from or guess my number (1-100) that uses a hundreds chart for the lower grades.  Several lessons were planned for the Skype-a-thon which lasted over the course of a week, with geography, critical thinking, and digital citizenship activities.   Julie’s website contains some neat features such as counting flags from the different countries people have visited her site from.  It also has a live traffic feed that shows live who has been looking at the site.  Julie’s website is very kid friendly but contains lots of good ideas for adults!  Julie’s blog can found at:

Buffy J. Hamilton is the Uniquiet Librarian.  I am not sure what she is like in person but her website speaks volumes.  Buffy not only has a website blog, but she has presented at numerous conferences over the years and was named a Mover and Shaker in 2011.  Buffy’s background is a librarian and an English teacher.  Her blog not only focuses on reading but there is also a strong emphasis on writing.  In my opinion she has tackled the two hardest things to get kids to do; read and write.  Buffy’s blog is full of creative way to get student writing and presenting their ideas.  I loved her blog about the first day in her creative writing class.  The topic was about what makes someone a writer and what is a better way to hear someone’s ideas than speed dating.   The activity was set up to give the students some time to answers questions in a small group, then it moved into the structure of “speed dating.”  I can just imagine the students sharing this at lunch and I think I know what I am doing on the first day of school next year!  My favorite thing about her blog is how visual it is.  Every article contains pictures or videos that share what her students have learned.  Buffy’s blog can found at:


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